How to Make a Pokemon Go Video - Tips & Tricks Tutorial

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How we made that Pokemon Go in Real Life video? Here's a trick tutorial you asked for. There's just 3 steps with Filmora Green Screen(Chroma Key). More info

Last weekend, we posted a video about how to catch rare Pokemon in real life. Hope you guys like my about the special equipment which turned out to be a giant fail. Since you all asked for a tutorial, so, let's do this. I'm going to show you how we had animated Pokemon like Pikachu, Venusaur and Umbreon in the video. It's pretty easy, just 3 Steps.

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Step 1: Download Pokemon Green Screen on Youtube

Step 1: Download Pokemon Green Screen clips from Youtube

There're two playlists I'd recommend:


Step 2: Shoot Some Video

Shoot some footages in which you leave space for Pokemon. Remember to keep camera angle consistent and stabilize the camera. It would be best to use a tripod.

Step 3: Apply Green Screen in Filmora

Import into Filmora and apply Green Screen feature. Simply drag and drop the clip to PIP track, right click on the clip and select green screen.

Hope you like the tutorial and have fun making Pokemon videos!



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