Pretty Strong Paperclip Gun With a Working Trigger

All it takes is cardboard, tape, rubber-bands, paperclips, and a straw. It has a working trigger with internal gears. It might be a little tricky for an 8-year-old, and don't expect it to be done in 5 minutes. But it's actually pretty easy!

Blueprints and Instructions


My invention can shoot pretty hard, so don't hurt people!



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    I made one of these a few months ago and it worked pretty good.
    I'm attempting to make a crossbow out of wood, and I'll probably use this as my trigger mechanism/body of the crossbow, but I'll make it out of wood.
    Nice job by the way!

    its kinda bad
    i had to do it twice because i couldn't get the trigger and the pinwheel to line there an easy way to fix it

    Sure! Here's two ideas:

    > Try holding the trigger in half-way, and then try to load the gun. If that helps, all you need to do is move the trigger stop a little lower, so it holds the trigger in a little bit more.

    > if they are not close enough together, cut a new hole for the pinwheel that is a bit closer to the trigger. Or you could make a new pinwheel that is a little longer on the side that touches the trigger (the side with the notch).

    Moving the triggerstop lower so it holds the trigger in more is the easiest, and that worked best for me - I'm thinking about changing the blueprint a little.

    No worries if your tired of trying to fix it =) but if you are still up for it, this might help!

    the trigger goes back all the way and the pinwheel is going down all the way.......but the paperclip is just going inside the gun instead of leaving the pin wheel

    Got it - so it sounds like we are on the same page. The problem is just like the one I show in my little clip I sent.

    What if you do this:

    > Pull the trigger all the way back (and it will not shoot)

    > take a pencil or pen, and (probably with the non-pointy side) push the trigger in even further. If it shoots when you do that, you should try my suggestion of adding a little extra piece to your trigger - or, even easier, just cut off a piece of the trigger where it touches the pinwheel. (As I'm sure you know) the idea is that the trigger will "let go" of the pinwheel, allowing it to spin. So if you make the trigger a little smaller by cutting off a piece where it touches the pinwheel, then it will let go sooner. (Don't cut off too much though =)

    Thanks for all your effort on this - maybe I need to re-work my blueptrints a little bit =( If you want, I could mail you one that works =D I've got an extra that I don't need for anything

    What if:

    > you pull the trigger all the way

    > with the trigger still pulled, you pull the two body pieces apart in the back.

    Because maybe the pinwheel is getting a little squeezed? Maybe thats why its not going?

    Or here is a different idea: what if you take the trigger out of the gun, and then load a paperclip (first put the rubber band on the nose, then hold the pinwheel with your finger) while you put the paperclip on). Let go of the pinwheel - does it shoot now?