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Learn how to make a memory exploding box card for your boyfriend / girlfriend. Surprise your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary with this Picture Gift Box full of pictures and memories that pops up when you take the lid off.

This tutorial it's step by step instructions, so it's very easy to understand it.

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Ever wonder what an exploding box or explosion box is? It's much more harmless than it sounds. The term is used to describe paper boxes that have cunningly been created so that the sides cascade outwards as the lid is removed. Such a fun and innovative way to personalize a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or even boxes for wedding favors. Simply change the color and theme of the paper or cardstock used to create a box which is perfect for any occasion.

Since this is a do-it-yourself craft, you can customize this exploding box any which way you'd like. For instance, you can try adding rubber stamped tags with a special message, attaching decorative embellishments, adding keepsakes, pictures or mementos, or anything else that you can think of. Just place a gift in the center of the box, or make a tiny gift box and attach it to the center of the box, to hold your special present.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

For some people it's easier to watch a video than following step by step photos :)

So if you are one of them I hope that this video will help you !

Step 2: Gather Your Suplies.

You need:

  • Scissor
  • Double adhesive tape
  • Ribbon
  • Coloured Cardboard
  • Design Paper

In the next steps you will see that I attached the dimensions as well :)

You're welcome :D

Step 3: The Base and the Lid.

The base

  1. Mark at 15 and 30 cm on each side,
  2. Unite the points.
  3. Make a heart shape on each corner.
  4. Score every heart in the middle.
  5. Cut the unwated part around the hearts.
  6. Fold the sides.
  7. Fold the hearts in the middle.

The lid

  1. Score on each side at 4 cm.
  2. Fold the sides.
  3. Cut one line in each corner.
  4. Put adhesive on the corners.
  5. Stick the sides together.
  6. Add some descoration on it.

Step 4: First Row Pieces.

Step 5: How to Make a Pop - Up Card

If you want to see the instructable for this project go here:

Step 6: Second Row Pieces

Step 7: How to Make a Squash Book

If you want to see the instructable for this project go here:

Step 8: How to Make Squash Book Pocket

Step 9: Third Row Pieces.

Step 10: How to Make a Waterfall Card.

Step 11: Assembling All Together!

Actually this is the easy part.

If you follow my tutorial I'm 100 % sure that you will understand how to do it.

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14 days ago on Step 11

Pwedi po ba mag order nito asap? And how much ? Please respond thanks


Question 3 months ago

what is the advantage and disadvantage of using this explosion box??


Question 9 months ago on Step 6

Step 6 second row pieces if we're a beginner do we use the second picture

1 answer

10 months ago

I love it so much. Thank you!
It's help me_alot.

1 reply
Giulia ArtVivianO8

Reply 9 months ago

My pleasure Vivian :) Happy you like it!


Question 10 months ago on Step 2

WHere do you get colored cardboard??? All I can find online when I search it is colored cardstock.

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12 months ago on Introduction

Mem esme jo hart cating karne wala machine hai use kya khte h or ye jo pepar use kiye h usme kese bhi pepar use kr skte h

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Reply 10 months ago

Aapko aisi materials starmarks pe mil jayengi. Ya fir aap crafterscorner or craftadda jaise sites see bhi mangwa sakti hain


Question 11 months ago

At 0.59, what is the centimeter of the heart? I am struggle on that part.


Question 1 year ago

Where did you buy your materials? And what kind of art papers did you used?

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1 year ago on Step 2

How many picturesplaces are in this box?