How to Measure Your Blood Sugar Scientifically Using a Glucometer

Introduction: How to Measure Your Blood Sugar Scientifically Using a Glucometer

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I come across many diabetics (and non-diabetics, too!) who have got a Glucometer in their house but they do not use it because they do not understand how to use it. In my opinion, anybody who can operate a mobile can operate a Glucometer, too. It saves a lot of time, money and you need not visit the pathology lab frequently for that.

This step-by-step maneuver will walk you through an easy guide to measure your blood sugar. As a general rule, one will have to practise it not more than thrice to master this small procedure. I assure you that!

I have chosen Bayer Counter Glucometer for this Instructable, although the procedure is same for all the glucometers. Of all the glucose testing kits I have come across till date, Bayer Counter is my most preferred Glucometer because of following advantages:

1. It requires minimum quantity of blood.

2. The results are accurate. We have verified it by cross checking the same blood sample in the laboratory.

3. Temperature and humidity variations don't seem to alter the readings.

4. Our Bayer Counter fell down twice and still it is working; so I assume it to be sturdily built!

The only disadvantage is that it is slightly costly as compared to other Glucometers. But I think it is worth the investment considering the fact that the instrument will work for years once you start using it.

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Step 1: the Kit Contains Following Things

You will find following four items in the kit:

1. The instrument which runs on a cell which easily lasts for a couple of years.

2. Lancet holder, also called as a Pricker.

3. Strips box

4. Lancets (Needles)

Step 2: Setting the Knob of Lancet Holder

The position of the knob at the top of Lancet Holder determines how deep the needle should be allowed to enter your skin at the time of taking a prick. If you have got very tender skin, keep it on scale two or if you have got rough skin on your palm, leave it at zero position alone. This is the most commonly used position

Step 3: : Removing the Cap

This is how you need to remove the cap before inserting a lancet into the holder.

Step 4: Inserting the Lancet Into the Holder

Now pick up a lancet and press it into the holder like a rocket. The proper fitting of the lancet is indicated by a sound.

Step 5: Removing the Lancet Cap

Remove the circular cap of the lancet to expose the needle. After that, replace the cap of the holder (which you have removed in step no. 3) into its original position.

Step 6: Taking Out the Strip

Take out a Glucometer strip from the box and replace its lid immediately. Note the end of the strip the arrow is pointing to in this image. This is to be inserted into the base of the Glucometer.

Step 7: Turning Your Glucometer On

As soon as you insert the strip, Glucometer turns on and a drop icon flashes on the screen. Now, the Glucometer is ready to accept your blood.

Step 8: Wiping the Finger With Dry Cotton

Clean the tip of your finger with a dry cotton, do not use spirit or any other antiseptic. We do not want the blood to get diluted by any means. People ask - which finger to use? You can use any finger.

Step 9: Pricking Your Finger

This is a critical step. If something goes wrong here, Glucometer will show an error. Now you have to press at these three spots sequentially. First, press with the thumb just below the tip of the finger you just cleaned with cotton, this helps the blood to accumulate at the tip. Now, press the knob of the lancet holder on the tip firmly with the other hand. With the same hand, press the blue button on the lancet holder to release the needle. You feel a gentle prick and a drop of blood pops out of your finger.

Step 10: The Blood Is Sucked Automatically

Put the lancet holder down. Now lift the Glucometer in such a way that the tip of the strip touches the drop of the blood. The blood is sucked into the strip and you hear a beep. The count-down is started.

Step 11: the Reading

As soon as countdown is over (8 seconds), you see your blood sugar reading on the screen. Note it in your diary. Take a new strip for next reading.

After a few readings, your pack of of strips and lancets gets exhausted. You can get it here - Bayer Lancets and Bayer Contour Strips.

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