How to Put Together a Baritone Saxophone

Introduction: How to Put Together a Baritone Saxophone

This is a helpful instructable on how to put together and correctly assemble a baritone saxophone! Enjoy!

Step 1: Opening the Case

First, you will lay the case on its side so that the larger side of the case is towards the floor.

Step 2: Putting Down Your Instrument

place your instrument onto the floor to have the bigger of the two sides on the floor

Step 3: Unlocking Your Case

Find the hinges that are closing the instrument case and pull up on the clamp and the piece connecting it and oull it away from the instrument this should make the case able to be opened

Step 4: Open Up the Case

You should see the instrument, mouth piece, ligature, and reed.

Step 5: Putting Together the Mouth Piece

find the mouth piece (black plastic), Reed (wooden or plastic), and ligature (Leather round strip). When putting it together line up the reed and mouth piece evenly so it lines up on the top. Make sure the reed is sealing the holes horizontally. Put the ligature around the reed and mouth piece and ALWAYS make sure the silver knob is on the right side of the mouth piece.

Step 6: Connecting the Mouthpiece and Neck

Grab the neck and mouth piece and gently wiggle the mouth piece onto the cork side of the neck until it slides on completely. Make sure it is straight and the mouth piece is facing down.

Step 7: Connecting the Body of the Instrument to the Neck

Gently grab the body of the instrument and the neck and find the screw on part where you will connect the neck, it should be at the top of the instrument and fairly obvious. Wiggle on the neck into the socket for the Neck and tighten the small screw to hold it in place.

Step 8: Putting on the Harness

Place the padded part of the harness on the top of your shoulder and the hook should be in front. The 2 clips should be hanging in the back. reach around and grab one clip at a time and connect it to the tew ocnnector pieces at the front comnected to the hook. clip both in and it should lay on your shoulders like so.

Step 9: Connecting the Harness to the Instrument

Find the small loop on the back side of the instrument and connect it to the hook on the harness. This should provide comfortable support.

Step 10: Final Adjustments

You can adjust the length on the harness by loosening or tightening the straps. The instrument should now be playable and ready to go!

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