How to Sharpen a Pencil

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Pencils get dull a lot, Especially for me, because i push too hard....

Never mind that, here are a couple really easy steps to sharpen your pencil!

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Step 1: Materials

For sharpening a pencil, you will need a pencil, and a sharpener.

(you could use a manual pencil sharpener, but i'm not)

Step 2: How to Put the Pencil in the Sharpener

Don't put the pencil's eraser in!

Put it in at a horizontal angle, as shown in the pictures

Step 3: Now Your Pencil Is Sharpened

You have sharpened your pencil successfully!

your pencil is sharpened feel free to continue your project!

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    2 years ago

    I have to smile, For an instructable that is basicly self explanitory, you did a really great job. I hope that you write more, ones that are more useful.

    1 reply

    i know. i was in such a hurry so i chose one that was simple but i wanted to do it in great detail