How to Skin Halo PC

Introduction: How to Skin Halo PC

This instructable will give you instructions on how to make everything in halo PC look cooler.

im pretty sure this works on the demo... if not oh well go buy it (lol)

heres a video i made (cant see words) even tho the quaility sucks use the written instructions i will try to get a better quaility recorder next time

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Step 1: Gathering Stuff

You will need the following things

1. Halo PC
2. HMT 3.5
3. Photoshop or the Gimp
4. And DXT to BMP (see link for download)

IMPORTANT: Always have your map files backed up (see my other halo instructable)

Step 2: Saving Texture

Okay, open up HMT and open any map you would like.

Then find the [bitm] tag and click the plus next to it.

We are going to start with a wart hog so scroll down until you find vehicals\warthog\bitmaps\warthog

Then a picture should pop up of what looks to be a jumbled warthog, click the save texture next to it. Save this to your desktop.

Step 3: DXT to BMP

Open up DXTbmp that I told you that you needed it earlier.

Then go to FILE OPEN and open the texture you saved earlier.

Once it's open go to FILE SAVE AS now heres the important part... 24 BIT BMP IMAGE...

Save this to your desktop as well.

Step 4: PHOTOSHOP!!! (or Gimp)

Now that you have 2 warthog files open the .bmp one with photoshop or gimp.

I'm only going to be putting a decal on the warthog but once you get used to it you can do more advanced things...

So save a picture of something you want on a warthog to your desktop and open that in photo or gimp.

Step 5: Gettin Some Where

Okay use ur basic skills like ur magic wand , holding shift to make something smaller without distoring it and place it somewhere on the warthog (it looks screwed up but try ur best) (the warthog i mean)

Step 6: Mmmm Further

okay when u think u got it were u want it save it

Step 7: Converting

okay open Dxtbmp (i usually leave it ope so i dont have to open it again) then open ur new warthog file with it...

once its loaded just save it as a dds texture

Step 8: HMT TIME!!

Hmt should still be open if u didnt leave it open so go back to the bitm tag and find vehicles\warthog\bitmaps\warthog

once thats open it will say inject texture near the bottom left of the picture of the texture click it

find ur new warthog dds texture and open it when prompted to


now open up halo and play a map (im pretty sure it will load onto every map) and admire your work

REMEMBER!!! other people cannot see ur fine work in multiplayer unless they have downloaded the texture so mabye ull be so good one day that people will download ur textures

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    9 Discussions


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    nice. I have 2.0, but now I use Gimp :D Good Instructable, by the way!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    sweet - i'm gonna try to put my logo on a warthog. I hope this works, because then I just need to find out how to change the 3d meshes in the game to get a full mod going.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ok well it worked - although I'm disappointed to find that all of the textures are mirrored (EG: instead of having the whole hood in the texture, it has half of the hood and the game just mirrors it on the mesh) that means you cant put asymmetrical items on the front... darn!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    WOW. Nice skins! You can shange bullets and stuff too? Like a sniper path turns to a yellow plasma grenade trail? IDK, just some ideas :P


    11 years ago on Introduction

    you should go back and take screen shots for all the steps, I used to do this for H2 though, and it works. Good job!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i prolly wil when i get the time (i might not tho)