How to Solve a 2 by 2 Rubix Cube




Introduction: How to Solve a 2 by 2 Rubix Cube

Step 1:

Get all of the white sided pices on one side with all of the correct side colors

Step 2:

Next find a yellow corner that is in the right position but not face ing the same way

Step 3:

Then to get all of your corner prices positioned use the formula
Top,right,top inverted,left inverted,top,right inverted,top inverted,left

Step 4:

Start in a corner that is positioned correctly but not face ing right and do this formal over and over that one pice until the yellow side is one top of cube
Right inverted, down inverted, right down

Step 5:

After u have one done turn the top layer of the cube to left and then keep doing that same to each corner as needed
Then your done



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    3 Discussions

    Thank you so much to whoever posted this-

    It helped me so much and I impressed so many people :)

    Why does everybody call Erno Rubik's Cube (a puzzle invented by Erno RUBIK) Rubix Cube?

    You spelled Rubik's wrong