How to Squish Your Hesky





Introduction: How to Squish Your Hesky

A short intro on how to properly squish a hesky.
For kets especially.

Step 1: Aquire Your Hesk

Heskies might be a little surprised when you first come into contact with them, act casual but not too feverish.
Heskies are known to run away on first impulse when you approach.

Step 2: Firmly Grab Your Heskie's Cheeks of Fat

This part is probably the most detrimental step in squishing your hesky properly, grab in one swift motion and resist the urge to prematurely squish.
Keep a firm grasp as hesk may fight and try and break the hold.

(Kets should have no problem with this step)

Step 3: Move Your Grip in an Upward Fashion

Tighten the grip, but firmly allow the hesk cheek fat to slid within your hands, causing the lower cheeks to fluff up and an artificial forced "Smile" to come into formation.

Do not let go.

This is the step where hesks tend to fight the hold the most.

Step 4: Begin Pressing Hands Together Slowly

Gently but firmly squish your hands together allowing the hesky cheeks to smash.

Step 5: Smush Your Hesky

Go all out in a smash fest, and completely push heskie's cheek fat completely over its own face in a swifter motion at the same time letting the hesky know that the smashing process is almost near complete.

Step 6: Release Your Hold and Admire Your Hesk

This is a very heartwarming and touching moment when you've squashed your Hesk so hard that it became a Hesky Squash.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Squashed Hesky


And threaten your Hesky with optimal tickles.



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    14 Discussions

    what have you been takeing? and where can i get some :D

    Yoe hesk is a FISH-EYE-FOO ! Me Pom wouldna neva stan fer it... nae she wouldna. But I have Jelly-rolled her a coupla times.. Very funny instructable made me laugh. Thanks sparxTrax.


    4 years ago

    Seriously, I cant even:DDD

    Definitely helpful, been trying to do this for years


    Love love love this!! Miss my huskies. xoxo Thanks for a good laugh!

    Haha no prob, just struck me as different. :)