How to Sustain/ Immprove a Long Distance Relationship.




Introduction: How to Sustain/ Immprove a Long Distance Relationship.

Hey everyone, its me Ethan here and all I'm going to do is try to help you, my fellow instructiblers. Now you may say "why do you think i need help with this"? well sir / lady(because there are some with interest,not to judge.) you clicked on this which means your looking for help unless you accidently clicked this... which is OK... but you could... never mind not to waste time, this Instructable is about "how to sustain a long distant relationship"(WARNING!):"my methods worked for me and a few of my friends these may not work for you but personally i hope they do because everyone deserves to be happy". lets get started shall we?

Step 1: The Girl.

The girl: ah yes the girl the most important factor in this whole thing, as you know already I'm in love with a girl and she is everything to me and you maybe in a relationship or not and maybe that certain someone or someone's is some distance away whatever the case this only pertains too "people in a long distance relationship" that are "struggling or having a hard time with one" or that just need some helpful advice so if your looking to get with that girl i suggest :How to get a girlfriend very informative . my girls down below.

Step 2: How to Treat the Girl.

How to treat her. second most important thing treat her right I don't want to here that "hey my girlfriend broke up with me because i beat her", or "how do i get her to stop cheating on me and have her let me cheat on her". treat her right for god sake! I'm tired of seeing guys treating women like crap because they didn't tell them where they went. but your far,away so you don't know who she's with where she is or anything but still, if you treat her like your supposed to then she wont leave you,(unless she's just a jerk then its on her and not on you. Now how you may ask should i treat a woman? well respect her and tell her you love her everyday, ask her how her day was, ask if she needs help at all, ask how her family is, treat your girl like a princess, cater to her every whim but not too much cause she will walk all over you... maybe(most don't some will again some girls are mean.) but treat her good and she'll treat you good understand?

Step 3: Family.

Family: always a must if the girls family don't like you it almost always doesn't work out, its hard enough without being a long distance away but if you are then try your best to make her family like you, here are some tips
1. act like a total pretty boy when you go see her, and her family.
2. be sure to tell the parents you love their daughter.
3. tell em you have a job, if you don't got one, get one (helps make them think you are responsible.)
4. always ask before you take her anywhere (shows that you have respect)
5. treat her good show em that your not a punk and some have manners!!!.

FATHER: usually a problem especially when he's a really clingy guy which my girls dad is... just reassure him you won't hurt her and you'll protect her and mean it! also one on one time with her dad is good shows you serious in the relationship and shows that you don't avoid problems when they arise which makes him think that your a man not a boy.

Sisters: they can end your relationships fast if they want to and trust me if they like you things go sooo much easier its alot easier you see my girlfriends sisters are dating my friends which I helped make happen so they owe me :P.

Little brothers: little bros are easy I'm a guy so i know what i liked to do when i was 6 or 7 so just play cars or something if they ask to play, then play its that simple.

Big brothers: usually a problem they usually want to gut you but show em you'll treat their lil sis right and earn some trust and you'll be fine (one on one time is also good unless there actually going to kill you.)

Step 4: Friends!

Friends: friends can be as much of a pain in the ass as family can sometimes be, but also you may be friends with her friends if so you got off easy like me, but if not you really gotta knuckle down on this one you see friends go to school and if they don't like you they spread nasty remorse and try to #$%@ you over as to 'save' their friend from a supposed bad guy so make friends its not that hard its simple just do what you normally do but don't get too friendly girls get jealous easy so tread on pins and needles on this one plus if they have friends that are guys who are like big brothers its best to get acquainted: see big bro section on previous slide.

Step 5: YOU!!!!!!

yes you, what was I thinking show manners look nice always dress to impress comb your hair brush your teeth often, bring mint gum wherever you go show her that she's worth getting dressed up over. also where deoderant that might seem stupid to say but plenty of guys don't so a few swipes of Right Guard should do the trick by the way some guys think axe is called shower in a can, totally not true, in fact girls despise heavy axe but just enough leaves you smelling desirable.

Step 6: Thats All Folks

hoped you enjoyed please feel free to leave comments correction and such after all (first Instructible)

Good Luck. -Ethan



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    friends : the one thign that will stab you in the back

    1 reply

    lol true :D
    espacially the guy-friends ...


    2 years ago

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    I am in a Long Distance affair with my long time Lover, she is in the USA, I work work in Saudi Arabia, 4 months at a time, 3 weeks off, then do it again, for the last 7 years.
    We are Children of the '60's and love songs of that time, and newer Love Songs as well. I go to YouTube find a love song, copy the link in my cell phone, and send the SMS message. She does the same. There are so many songs with Story of Love.
    Do listen very very close to the lyrics BEFORE you press Send! Miss Brown You have a lovely Daughter - is NOT a good pick.

    244 Jake

    Make time for her

    13, 8:07 AM.jpg

    Gee, no one-on-one time with people that want to kill you? I spend ALL my time with homicidal semi- psychopaths.

    1 reply

    If only more guys understood that Axe (or any cologne) is no replacement for a good shower. -Sparkfist

    2 replies

    it's helpful, and i repeat the 2 step, about treating!! and treating and treating!!

    it's consider very important. in point of view, it could maybe be the most important part in the whole guide that you made.

    still thanks, atleast you managed to remind me of some steps, i have to work on and develop.

    best of luck with ur girlfriend


    Oh, yeah, one thing. There were a few comments back in '08 referring to whether this has to do with a long-distance or short-distance relationship. So I was going to suggest that you could maybe change the title to "How to Sustain/Improve a Long-term Relationship" instead of the title you originally picked.

    2 replies

    Oh, and I salute you, panda lad, your girlfriend looks very pretty and sounds awesome. I wish we had girls like that where I live. Well, we do, but not that many (   :-)   )

    this is a terrible instructable. It has nothing to do with long distance. I am currently struggling to sustain a relationship with my boyfriend who lives thousands of kilometers away, and this did not help one bit.

    2 replies

    well id like to help you but its extremely hard to help everyone and like I said id what am really doing lol but i have helped others and ill try to help you because in order to help you you must tell me your problem :) and also thank you for your honest opinion it will help better me in the long run

    Give that man a break, at least he tried, and thanks bro for using me as a reference in step 2, i sincerely hope the "how to get a .." series proved useful to you as your instructable proved useful to me, and your girl is fine that's all that matters!

    Man, I'm really pumped your relationship is going so well. But, like Browncoat said, I'm not sure where the long-distance advice comes into play. In fact, most of the family/friends stuff are definitely NOT long-distance things, though hopefully they will be important eventually. Anyway, good luck with your relationship!