How to Tie Your Shoes




Introduction: How to Tie Your Shoes

This is a guide to learn how to tie your shoes.

Step 1: Pick Shoes of Your Choice

Step 2: How to Handle the Laces

You must take the right and left lace and grab them with your right and left hands.

Step 3: Starting the Tie for the Laces

Take the laces and cross them over to make an X shape

Step 4: Finishing the Bottom Half of the Lace Tie

You must curl one of the laces under the other lace and pull downward with a downward force

Step 5: Creating the Top Half of the Tie

Put each of the laces into circular shapes

Step 6: Making the Knot

Croos over the two circulare shaped laces

Step 7: Finishing the Knot

Curl under one the laces and pull . Your not will be Complete!!

Step 8:



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    2 years ago

    Good job. I'm going to send these instructions to my granddaughter to help her learn how to tie her shoes.

    Simple and easy to understand! Thanks for sharing!