How to Tie a Bowline Knot (Around Something)

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The bowline knot is a very versatile knot. You can use it while out fishing, hunting, camping, or even while you’re in the woods messing around and maybe need to move something that’s stuck in the mud. It’s strong, reliable, and easy to tie quickly. Check out the video above for step by step instructions on how to tie a bowline knot, or read the step by step process written out below. We hope you enjoy and hope this comes in handy the next time you’re out in The Sticks!

  1. Start with the end of the rope in your dominate hand
  2. Make a loop with your off-hand, so the rope makes a ‘hole’ facing you, but the end is still in your dominate hand
  3. Take the end of the rope in your dominate hand and thread it through the loop we just made, going under, then over
  4. Quickly bring the end of the rope under the remaining rope (before the loop we made in step two)
  5. Bring the end of the rope back over the same remaining rope we just went under
  6. Lastly, bring the end of the rope through the same loop we made in step two, going over then under
  7. Tighten the bowline knot you just created and you’re ready to go!



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