How to Use Arduino Segment LCD Module to Make a Timer

Introduction: How to Use Arduino Segment LCD Module to Make a Timer

This project is about how to use a arduino to drive a segment LCD module with ard4d LCD library. In this way you can install a numeric display in your device or make a clock in very handy way!

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Step 1: How to Use Arduino Drive a Segment LCD Module

A segment LCD usually needs a LCD driver (like HT1621 etc) to handle the data from the MCU (arduino for example). Therefore programming and driving and segment LCD is not very easy for a beginner . Here we introduce a 4 digits segment LCD module with the arduino Library - ard4d , with this package , it could be very easily to display numbers and make a timer or electronic clock with bread broad, arduino and fews wires in 5 mins. please check the tutorial video and the link of this LCD module is below:

Ard4d LCD module

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