How to Carry Multiple Bottles Using Paracord




 Occasionally my wife and I buy bottled water in bulk for our son to drink in the car or at the park on hot days. It is convenient for making sure that he, and we, stay hydrated. But it can be a hassle to have a bunch of bottles rolling all over the car or smashing things in a bag. So I had some paracord lying around and put it to work keeping things together. 

Step 1: The Knot

 The running knot is simply an overhand knot with the working end pulled through to form and adjustable loop. This is the knot that is used to bind the bottles together.

Step 2: Bottle Number 1

Once you have the first knot tied, slip it over the bottle cap down below the lip on the neck of the bottle.

I used ordinary water bottles, 8 oz size, but any size water bottle or other bottle with a pronounced lip around the neck would work. Using the same size bottles allows the 'pack' to sit together on a flat surface neatly, though using bottles of different sizes is still possible. 

Step 3: Adding Bottles

 After the first knot is attached to bottle 1, make another in the working end of the cord and put it on the second bottle, always being careful to leave the working end to the side of the knot farthest from the first bottle. All the knots should look the same from the top as well so that they will sit/hang together well.

Step 4: Results

These will sit together well and hang from just about anything you can think of with no problem. When removing bottles they don't need to be removed in any particular order since the weight is always tightening each knot around the neck of the bottle it is holding.

There you have it, an easy way to keep water bottles together and portable.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    if you get some form of harness, in an apocalyptic situation, this would help a lot, the harness will turn this into more of like a back pack addon, or just tie a clip on the end of it and hook it to your jean's belt loop. I'd say 3 strands of 15 bottles should do the trick. Or if you have a large group, 9 strands of 5 bottles can go around quickly, just save the bottles and write names on them.

    As long as they aren't under tension, as with the running end being used to carry them or hang them somewhere, then you loosen the knot around the neck & slip it off. Pulling the running end will untie that individual knot or it can be left ready to be used to carry the emptied bottle.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    A Clove Hitch would not work as well in this situation, the Clove Hitch would tend to stay tighter where this would be similar to a slip knot allowing easier access to the bottles. Great idea and cudos to the inventor.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice I'able
    I us ethis a whole lot,
    If you juggle this is a very useful way to carry juggling clubs.
    You can also tie the trailing end around your waist or shoulder for the handsfree experience.
    Thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I hope the kiddies aren't reading this but whenever a couple of us used to go off fishing or rock climbing, this is how we'd tie off our beer only we'd drop our beer into the nearest, preferably deep, shaded, & cold area of a river, coastal waterway, or lake until we were back or taking a break. It was great to crack open a cold one underneath a shade tree and rest. 

     I hadn't ever thought about doing this  before we bought a 24 back of 8oz bottled watter and they take up so much space and roll all over. I just wanted some way to keep them together in small groups to grab and go as well as keep them from ending up under the seats in the car. I did it once and realized that they kept together really well. Thanks for the kind words.

    Dude this is so smart!! i use that knot all the time but didnt get the idea do to this!! Dude this is awesome when i need to walk a whole day!! :O

    1 reply