How to Cool Your Hard Disk Under Rs.100

Introduction: How to Cool Your Hard Disk Under Rs.100

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One of the most important, yet overlooked component of your PC is the Hard disk.
Here's where all your precious memories, softwares, games, documents and lots more reside!
Cooling the hard disk will not only Significantly increase its life, but some performance too!

Commercial hard drive coolers are available, but they cost a bomb and are difficult to install.
Here,i'll teach you how to do that in under RS 100. (US dollars 2 ONLY)

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Step 1: Get Some Fans

Get some fans.
I used 60mm fans from a local PC shop. They were about RS 40 each.
You can use any size Computer fans as long as they fit on the hard disk.

Step 2: Join 2 Fans

I decided to join and use 2 fans, and Wired them in Series.

This undervolted each fan at about 6V. This move made them so super slient that one would be hard pressed to hear them!

Of course, you can use a single fan and Run it straight off MOLEX 12v

There goes some glue and tape, and i've joined the fans side by side as to resemble a rectangle

Step 3:

Here's the fun part.

I took an pencil eraser, and guled it to the base of each fan.

These humble beings will serve as a rest for the fans, while also dampening the vibrations and improving spacing between the Hard disk and the fans!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now simply glue or tape the fans atop the metal part of hard disk and power up!
(refer to your PC manual for installation of hard disk. This mod requires one empty drive bay above the disk to work)
Give yourself a pat on the back! you've just prolonged the life of your data significantly!

Enjoy lower temeratures. A drop of about 15.C approx is expected.

Have a nice day!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I had a bunch of SCSI drives that all had to be mounted in a single block, each atop the previous, leaving no room for individual fans. They were built into a very quiet case and I had two 6" fans as forced ventilation. Having a spare 5 1/4 bay, I used the front cover to mount switches for the fans from 12V, 5V and Off (for when I was recording audio). I also noted temperature variations of up to 20 Kelvin.

    The only criticism I have of your idea is that it is the control PCB that you want to concentrate on cooling, not the casing.

    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Pardon the Grainy Pics, Fans ARE aimed at the casing and not the PCB. Its the Spindle motor and Air friction that makes most the heat(Casing), and thats were we're concentrating.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Nothing serious just the Quality of images.
    It will be noisy
    How ever the Rubber get dirty soon like a mess but it is still good
    And why u used a decade old HDD ? :)
    Hey keep it up i liked it

    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for the Grainy images,
    They were extracted as frames from a video camera.
    Acually the whole instructable is quite old ,but basic funda is still the same and works for any HDD.