How to Fan a Deck of Cards. Card Flourish.




Introduction: How to Fan a Deck of Cards. Card Flourish.

About: Blake Douglass started performing magic at the age of 14 years old. Since then Blake has performed in Las Vegas, The Magic Castle, and The Smithsonian. Some of Blake's cliental include, The St.Louis Rams, Ma...

In this video Blake shows you how to fan a deck of cards with one hand. This small flourish is great for having a card selected during a card trick, or for keeping yourself cool during those warm summer months. The one handed fan is a fairly easy flourish to learn and will certainly make you appear as a seasoned card handler. Enjoy! 

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    2 Discussions

    okay so ive tried everything you have said but for me, the first 5 cards spread really widely but then im left with the rest of the deck just stuck in my hand? any tips to get them to flow evenly?

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    the same thing happened to me, just the first five or so cards and the rest of the deck just stays there.