How to Fold a T-shirt in Less Than 2 Seconds



Introduction: How to Fold a T-shirt in Less Than 2 Seconds

Tired of doing laundry every time? Takes too much time to do laundry? Well, not anymore. Learn how to fold a t-shirt in less than 2 seconds.

What you need:
T-shirt and a flat surface

Step 1:

 Lay down a t-shirt on a flat surface with the neck to your right side and the bottom to your left.

Step 2:

Draw an imaginary line vertically across the middle of the t-shirt.

Step 3:

With your left hand, pinch the t-shirt on the imaginary line few inches away from the bottom edge.

Step 4:

Draw another imaginary line going horizontally across the pinched spot to the shoulder seam.

Step 5:

With your right hand, pinch the left edge of the imaginary line to get both the front and backside of the t-shirt.

Step 6:

Bring the pinched shoulder seam to the top of the t-shirt, while hanging on to both left and right hands, and grab both side of the t-shirt.

Step 7:

Keep firm grip on both pinches and uncross your hands while lifting up the t-shirt. The t-shirt should be hanging from your pinched spots leaving the other side loose. Shake out the creases if necessary.

Step 8:

While lowering the t-shirt back into the flat surface, fold the loose sleeves under the rest of the t-shirt making the side symmetrical with the pinched side.

Step 9:

You’re done.

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