How to Get FREE Stickers From Major Companys




Introduction: How to Get FREE Stickers From Major Companys

So recently, my brothers, Dad and I made longboards and I thought it'd be cool to have some stickers for my board and helmet. Later, we went to a skate shop and found some stickers, and I wasn't about to spend 5 bucks on a peice of sticky paper as big as a nickel. So, what I ended up doing was going seaching on YouTube and found out if you put some effort into it, you'll get some pretty cool, and FREE stickers.

Step 1: How to Get FREE Stickers From Major Companys

So, there is two very easy ways to get stickers:

1. Send a SASE(self adressed stamped envolope) to the company

2. send an e-mail to the company including your adress, and your name. You can also include a reason why you want them just to butter them up

Also, make sure to find out if you need to send money or make sure the company sends stickers, I know Roxy, Quicksilver and O'neil don't send stickers, so just a heads up.

And lastly, if the company does send stickers it might take a while for them to get back to you or the stickers to arive.

But other than that it's pretty easy so make sure you try, and hope you liked this instructable!

*Above are some close-ups of some of the kinds of stickers I got*



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    @rniedra, you send the email to the company you want the stickers from. I posted an instructable like the one above, but explains more, so check it out!

    I am having trouble finding how to get the stance stickers.

    So is the photo of the brands that dis send you stickers?

    1 reply

    That is a picture of the stickers I've gotten for free by emailing orsending a SASE.