How to Keep Your Cables From Falling Off Your Desk

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hey everyone im back again to chow u how to keep ur cables from falling off ur desk. I know it is a pain to pick up ur cables if they fall off the desk, so i have come up with a simple solution.

Step 1: Stuff U Will Need

-binder clips, medium or large(depending on the thickness of ur desk)
- a desk
- cables (like for ur iphone, laptop, etc)
-this instructable,

Step 2: First Step

First take the binder clip(s) and attach it to whatever part of your desk that u want.

Step 3: Second Step

Take the little tension pieces off the binder clip, but while doing this u will leave the clip on.

Step 4: 3rd Step

After that take the cable(s) and put it through the little tension pieces.

Step 5: 4th Step

Then reinsert the tension piece back into the clip and the cord will now hang off ur desk. I hope u liked this short insructable, also dont forget to vote for me in the office supplies challenge and the back to school challenge!



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