How to Make a Code Door on Roblox

Introduction: How to Make a Code Door on Roblox

Hi all! Today I will be showing you how to make a passcode door on Roblox. I had seen it done on Minecraft a lot, and I figured "if those people can make it in Minecraft where there are no pre-made logic gates, I sure could make one in Roblox where there are pre-made logic gates!" so I tried making one. V1 was OK, but instead of the door closing or staying closed when the wrong passcode was entered, it fired some flamethrowers so you couldn't get through! Then, when I was in bed one night, I had a idea for V2, witch I am going to show you how to make in this Instructable.

Lets get started!

NOTE: You may notice in the pictures, there is a extra switch on the other side of the door (right side). We are going to skip that step here.

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Step 1: Parts

Note: Here I am assuming that you already have the Roblox player and everything else set up to play Roblox.

You will need:

- 4 AND gates

- 1 Inverter

- 1 OR gate

- 6 different colored blocks

- 6 switches

- 1 Door

Step 2: Block Layout

Ok so first, place down your 6 different colored blocks like in Fig. 1. Then, place the door like in Fig. 2. Lastly, fill it in with a block of your choice similar to Figs. 3, 4, 5.

Step complete!

Step 3: Gate and Switch Layout

I like to layout my gates so the connections make sense. Really, you could arrange them in any way. If you want to lay it out like i did, just follow figures 1 through 3.

Then just place the switches on the colored blocks.

Step complete!

Step 4: Wiring

Ok, get ready, this is where it gets tricky. I will do the best I can as far as screenshots go, but reference to the schematic in fig 1. First, wire the topmost and gate to the door like in fig 2 and 3. Then connect input 1 of that same gate to the next lower gate. Then, connect input 2 of the topmost gate to the output of the inverter. Then, connect the input of the inverter to the output of the or gate. Connect the input 1 of the or to the orange switch. Connect input 2 of the or to the blue switch. Connect the output of one of the lowermost and gates to input 1 or 2 of the middle and gate, then repeat with the other lowermost AND. Connect input 1 of the left-hand AND gate to the red switch, and input 2 to the yellow switch. This may seem boring and monotonos, but don't worry! we're almost done. Connect the input 1 of the right-hand gate to the green switch, and input 2 to the purple.

Phew! That took awhile, but we did it!

Step Complete!

Step 5: You're Done!

Congratulations! You're done! Your passcode is red, yellow, green, purple.

I hope you liked this instructable! This is my first one, so I would really like some suggestions!

Thank you for reading!

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    This is awesome I play this game too my account is Roundracer