How to Make a Grocery Bag Holder

Introduction: How to Make a Grocery Bag Holder

I make a box with two holes in it! :) This is a very simple project that I have been needing to make for a long time. These grocery bags are like the old Start Trek episode the Trouble with Tribbles. These bags seem to reproduce in the drawer or wherever they are kept. This simple box that hangs on the wall will serve as a go to location for retrieval and storage. The wood I use is repurposed scraps that I glued together to make boards and replaced the wood to make it usable. Red Oak is very good at this as it seems to go together even if the grain is not matching when glued up. This is a fun quick project that is useful for the home.

Very Basic procedure make the box the size you would like it to be. I made mine largely based on the wood I was using and the area I was going to be placing it. I then located two holes two inches in diameter on the lower front and top of the box. I also secured the top with small headed screws to allow for removal if needed in the future. First published project of 2015 on this 1st of January! I hope you all had a great new years eve! God Bless and I so look forward to 2015!


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    dragon flyer
    dragon flyer

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice; I use a rectangular bucket with a cardboard lid with only one good-sized hole. Of course, I have it installed under my sink, since it's nowhere near as attractive as this one!