How to Make a Loom Baby Girl Charm




Introduction: How to Make a Loom Baby Girl Charm

Hello!!, in this tutorial I will show you how to make a baby girl charm, hope you like it and have fun making it!


Step 1: Materials

For the baby girl loom charm you will need the following:

*A loom

*A crochet or rainbow loom hook

*18 hair color bands

*22 skin color or neon orange bands

*27 dress bands

*2 black bands

Now gather your supplies and let's get started :)

Step 2: Making the Girl's Bun

Remember all of the placed bands are double banded. Make sure you do it the same order :) enjoy!

Step 3: Starting the Placing

This are all double banded :)

Step 4: Holding Bands

The 2 blacks are for the eyes :)

Step 5: Beginning the Looming

Step 6: Finishing Up

And your charm is done! Don't forget to ♥ , comment, follow and rate, Thank you!



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9 Discussions

Mabey explain more it was kind of confusing

Made it! So cute! Made a baby boy charm as well for my brother! ~MARYAM,Selena,Katy and Taylor Fan~

Thanks ever if the picture are a bit dark I`m with rosalynna28 with that by the way my do not turn out right

Pictures kind of dark. But that don't matter!! IT'S TOO ADORABLE TO CARE ABOUT THE PICTURES!!!!