How to Make a Mini Easel With Wooden Clothes Pins




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A mini easel that you can use in many different ways.

In a party, you can put the name of your friends. You can write special messages. It can hold your post-its. Or you can make a mini art exhibition

Step 1: Step by Step on Video

You just need 6 pin clothes, 1 wooden skewer stick and glue

Step 2: Materials

  • 6 Wooden pin clothes
  • 2 wooden skewer stick
  • Glue

Step 3: Different Colors and Sizes

You can make it with coloures pin clothes, and with any size ot them.

You can use it as a Post-it holder. In a party, you can put their names on it, or as a little gift. And it could bie a great idea to make a miniature art exhibition



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    8 Discussions

    Paige NicoleD

    3 years ago

    Very cool but they are called 'Clothes Pins' to hold articles of clothing to clothes lines just to prevent confusion.

    1 reply
    Uncle Kudzu

    3 years ago

    Muy cool! I will definitely make one. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply