How to Make a Paper Frog! :)




Introduction: How to Make a Paper Frog! :)

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Ever been bored in history class and needed something to do? What about being forced to listen to a guest speaker? Well, if your like me, being bored isn't an option. Here is the step by step process to entertain yourself while in utter boredom. It is a simple process on how to make a paper frog, once you got it down you can make a frog anytime, anywhere!

Supplies Needed:
1) Paper
2) Enthusiasm
3) Patience

YEAH!!! Lets get started! :)

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Step 1: Fold Hot Dog Style!

Before we start, make sure to crease all your edges so that your froggie comes out really well constructed! OK! SO now that your all fired up, fold your paper hot dog style right down the middle! :) I know this picture shows the paper being folded hamburger style, but technology is impossible, so hot dog style! :)

Step 2: Then You Take the Corner, *hehe*

Take the top corner of the paper and fold it down till it touches the side of the paper to create a triangle! :) Then flip over the paper and do the same thing on the other side, as shown below. Any questions? Call 1-800-just kidding, bear with me! :)Then open both sides and the paper should have a big X! As shown in the pictures below! :)

Step 3: Bring It Down Low! :)

 Next your gonna fold down the top half of the paper to the bottom of the X, and crease it. Then open it up again. 

Step 4: Make Another Triangle!

 Then with your complicated X, fold in the edges of the middle of the X, as the picture shows and bring down the top of the paper flat to make a triangle! :)

Step 5: Whoa!

 Ok, tired yet? Alright, now your going to get the bottom of the paper and fold it up to the bottom of the triangle. :) 

Step 6: More Triangles!

Ok now your going to get the bottom edges of your triangle and fold them up to face each other. These will serve as the front legs of the frog! :) 

Step 7: Hang in There! :)

Ok, listening? Well, next your going to bring in one side of the paper and fold it lined up with the edge of your triangle. Capish? Then your going to do the same with the other side. :) 

Step 8: Ok, Lets Get Down to Buisness! :)

Now, for the confusing part! (If you weren't confused already), Your going to  lift the edge of the middle of the frog, and bend it over to a ninety degree angle! :) AGH! What? Refer to the pictures below as your guide, because this is hard to explain. :) Then do the same to the other side. 

Step 9: Ok? Got It?

`Now your going to lift up the bottom end of the paper and fold it up over where the ninety degree angle triangles start. Confused?  

Step 10: Ok, Listen Closely,

Now your going to fold down the last step you just did, and fold up the bottom edge of the paper to the crease you made from the last step.  Then your going to repeat steps 8 and 9, please refer to the pictures below, for pictures are worth a thousand words. 

Step 11: Ok, Thank You for Being So Patient.

The worst is almost over! Isn't this fun! :) Ok now your going to fold one of the edges of the base of the figure over to line up with the edge of the front triangles. Repeat on both sides.  

Step 12: Ok, Now for the Legs! :)

 For the next step your going to fold the two triangles in half, to make another triangle! (Man frogs love triangles! ) YaY! we are almost done! :)

Step 13: Lets Bend This Frog! :)

Ok now your going to bring up the bottom edge of the frog (again), and fold it right down the middle of the frog, make a strong crease.  

Step 14: Ok, Keep Bending! ;)

Ok, now while you are in the creased middle position of the frog, your going to bend over the top of the edge of the paper to the bottom, creating a flap in the front of the frog. again, please refer to the pictures.  

Step 15: Almost There! :)

Ok, now turn the frog over, and he or she should look like this! ;) You can always go back and adjust the crease and make it more creasey so the frog can hop farther! :) 

In order to make the frog hop, you push down the back of the frog and let go! You can try making your frog out of smaller paper, the smallest the farther it jumps! :) 

Step 16: WAIT!

Wait, we aren't finished yet! :) ok, after your done with your froggy, you get to color him! Design him or her any way you want, and give him or her a name! :) You don't have to, its just a suggestion. :)

It may take  you a while to memorize the steps. It took me a good five times of reexplaining till i was able to make my first frog out of my history test in history class! :) Keep practicing, and try new ways of making your own frog, and you will never be bored again! :)

Ok, thank you for listening and trying out this project.
P.S. The frog was named Freddy. :)  

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