How to Make a Pvc O and K

Introduction: How to Make a Pvc O and K

Materials for O
8- 90 degree side outlets
12- 6 in pipe

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Step 1: Creating the Top and Bottom

first take 4 6in pipe and 4 90 degree side outlets
then connect two pieces of pipe into the sides of each outlet (not the top one)
You should now have a box

Repeat for the top of the 0

Step 2: Connecting the Top and Bottom Together

Put 4 6in pipes into the top outlet on the bottom part of the O
then Put the top onto those 4 pieces

And that is how you create a pvc pipe O

Step 3: Creating a Pvc K


2- Tee Joints
3- 1 in pipe
2- 45 degree side outlets
2- 6 in pipe
2- 5 in pipe

Step 4: Making the First Part of the K

take 2 6 in pipe and connect it to the top and bottom of a Tee joint
Then take a 1 in pipe and place it into the Tee Joint
On the other side of the 1 in pipe add another Tee Joint

Step 5: Making the Rest of the K Part 1 of 2

on the Tee joint add a 1 in piece to both sides
Then place a 45 degree Side outlet on both 1 in pipes facing away from the Tee Joint

Step 6: Making the Rest of the K Part 2 of 2

Lastly place a 5 in pipe into the other side of both 45 degree side outlets.

Thats how to make a pvc K

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