How to Make a Spooky Image on

Introduction: How to Make a Spooky Image on

this article will show you how to make an image on spooky (not ms paint) this works a lot better with living things with eyes. Let's jump in!

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Step 1: Pick an Image

Pick any image. It works better if it's a picture of something with eyes, but it'll turn out fine. If it's tiny, you might want to expand it with image, resize, width: 700 or 1,000.

Step 2: Black and White

Turn the image black and white. (adjustments, black and white)

Step 3: Blobs

add a new layer. Change brush size to 75. make black dots all over the new layer.

Step 4: Blurbs

on the new layer go to effects, blur, gaucian blur, and put to 120 or until it looks kinda like this

Step 5: Lines

make a new layer. change brush width to 20 or 15. Make lines all over the screen vertically.

Step 6: More Blurbs

on the layer with the lines on it, go to effects, blurs, gaussian blur, 45 or again until it looks kinda like this.

Step 7: More Lines

create new layer. Change brush width to 7. Make shorter lines vertically up and down.

Step 8: Even More Blurbs...

on that same layer, go to effects, blurs, guassian blur, 40.

Step 9: Eyeballs

I told you eyes would come in handy... create a new layer. Put black dots on the eyes. (adjust your brush size based on eye size. It should cover the whole eye) and then you go to effects, blurs, guassian blur, 5 or until it looks like that.

Step 10: Step 9 Continued: More Eyes

make the brush smaller and change the color to grey (on a new layer) and then put them in the eyes. effects, blurs, guassian blur, 4.

Step 11: Step 9 and 10 Continued: Even More Eyeballs

add new layer (or naw) and make the brush smaller. change color to red. Put in center of eyeball in the center of the grey blob. effects, guaccian blur, 4

Step 12: Publish, and Your Done!

yay! |




After |after

Step 13: Cool Stuff

cool stuff you guys post what you make ;-)

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4 years ago on Introduction

I like the effect with the blurred blobs and lines. It makes it look foggy or smokey or something. Thanks for sharing!