How to Make a Trailer for a Boat/truck/car/other for a RC Car/truck

We will be building a  trailer for a boat/truck/car/other for a RC Car/truck. 

This project is really easy and should take less than an hour if you know what your doing.


• Corrugated plastic
• Large, old toy cars, preferably with suspension.
• Rc boat or truck (depending on what you want the trailer for)
• Old hacksaw blade.


• Hot glue gun (as always)


Step 1: Hitch.

We first need to build the hitch for the rc car/truck that is going to pull the trailer.

I cut a good sized piece of plastic that conveniently fit in a little crevice of my car.

Then I pushed a nail through it to act as the actual towing rod.

Step 2: Actual Trailer.

Now depending if your doing this for a boat or car you will have to do different things.

For mine I cut a large sheet of plastic, cut some side things (so my boat will not fall off), and glued the hacksaw blade and cars on.

Step 3: Final Stages.

Get your nail and grind down at two sections so you can tie some string around the nail so the trailer doesn't pop off when it is backing up.



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