How to Make a Viola in 3 Days





Introduction: How to Make a Viola in 3 Days



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The one part I wanted to see was the shaping of the neck

Just a question I'm thinking of making my own Viola aswell just a sort of fun project because I'm quite into design and im also a string player, and making an instrument would be a fun little project, also probably end up being cheaper then buying one :P

anyways after pre amble my question is: Where can you get the solid spruce (or if I'm miss informed then insert wood type here) planks for carving the viola top, as well as the thin pieces of wood that are used for structure in the edges of the bottom?

helps to have the specialized tools, and templates.

Still, Well done to all of you!

Now, How well do they SOUND!
are they "oh that's awful", High school rental instrument quality, or "Strati who?"

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haha its "Stradivarius" and really the only special about them is their mellow deep tone and that their around 300 years old.

So was this a colaborative effort on one viola or did each make their own in the 3 days? Regardless, a fine job was done, bravo.

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I admire your woodworking skills, and all of you are still in the earlier part of your lives. This is really worthwhile to watch. When I first saw the title, I was afraid it was some duct tape and cardboard pseudo viola. But, you have all done admirably. I am giving it 5 stars.

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Thank you very much! I wasn't one of the makers, just the person who made the film............but I'll pass on your 5 stars!