How to Make Fruit Earrings




Intro: How to Make Fruit Earrings

Here is what you will need:-nailart fruit(ebay:
                                          -studs pad(etsy:
                                          -any kind of  pernament glue (I used nail glue)

Step 1:

Take your stud pad and put it into a holder.
I used button that I made(you can see how to make it in my instructable).
Put a little drop of glue on the pad,leave for 10 sec and put fruit on.

Be careful not to glue your fingers!

Step 2:

Leave it there for 10 min. so that you are sure it's dry.
Here you have your own studs!

Good luck!



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    This is awesome. I just ordered a lot of 200 studs and "nuts" together with the fruity thingys.