How to Make Your Own Fun NOODLE BLOX!!!!



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On this Instructable, I will be showing you how to make your own Noodle Blox! Noddle Blox are these really cool toys I made for my little sister. My sister is fairly small, so I cut a pool noodle in half for her. She called the smaller noodle a "baby". Soon after that, She told me to "Make More Babies!" So I did, I cut the halves in half and then cut those in halves in half until I was satisfied. And BOOM I had an awesome toy!

Step 1: Materials

You will need a knife and a pool noodle.

Step 2: Cut the Noodle

Cut the noodle in half, then the halves in half, then the halves of the other halves in half. Repeat until satisfied. The way I cut it  the noodle produced 32 Blox. If you want exact sizes, measure and cut carefully, or use a buzz saw.

Step 3: DONE/Optional Pieces

You now have awesome little tubes to build anything you like! You can make specialty pieces by carving also!



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