How to Moonwalk

Introduction: How to Moonwalk

This instructable will teach you how to moonwalk like MJ! It's actually much simpler than it seems and looks awesome.

Step 1: The Works

follow these steps, each one goes with the pictures in order:

1.Space your feet about 2-6 inches apart, just estimate.

2.Lift the heel of your right foot like you're wearing high-heels.

3.Slide your left foot back across the floor, a bit farther than where your right heel is.

4.Now do the high-heels pose with your left foot, put your right foot back down.

5.Slide your right foot back across the floor.


Step 2: Tips and Tricks

1.the distance at which you should slide your foot should be at least be toes behind heel, but the farther you go, the more dramatic and smooth it is, but it is more difficult.

2.Don't "slide" your foot forward before each stroke, many people say to do this, but they don't really know how to properly moonwalk.

3.The farther out you eject your knee and lift your heel during the high-heels pose, the more dramatic and smooth it is, but it's more difficult.

4.Use fluid movements, moonwalking like a robot is not really moonwalking.

5.With less friction, the moonwalk is easier, but if you're on asphalt with shoes, or in other high-friction situations, practice putting your weight on the high-heel foot, and sliding your other foot gently across the suirface.

Step 3: Conclusion

Your moonwalk may not be as smooth or as fast as his, but it's an example, my home video needed some special program to watch it (IDK why), so I just decided to show the real MJ.

Moonwalking is a simple process, and a cool dance move.

Trust me, it may not come in one minute, just practice at random moments, like at work, or while playing sports, or waiting for something, anytime!

Don't worry, you will accomplish this feat!
The only people who cannot eventually do the moonwalk are cripples (no offense).

Now go and show off your new skill!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    wait, what? dont mean to be mean but i didnt get that at all. Which foot is the one with the lifted heel, and how does it all workout?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    You start with your right foot lifted, slide with left, then lift your left left and slide your right, look at the pictures