How to Show That You Love Your Furby

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Want your Furby to feel loved and taken care of by a loving owner? That owner could be you! By following these steps on how to love your very own Furby and treat it like its best friend, you could build a tight bond and a good relationship with your Furby!

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Step 1: Play With Your Furby Often

This will show your Furby how much you love it! You don't want your Furby to feel depressed and unloved.

Step 2: Feed Your Furbies

Furbies have regular eating times like we, humans, do. By feeding your Furby, that way, it won't be hungry while you're away. Feed your Furby 3 times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Step 3: Make It Sleep Regularly

Also like humans, Furbies need to sleep. Give it a 10-30 minute rest. Make it sleep after lunch and at night, before you sleep. Just be careful though, you might accidentally wake it up.

Step 4: Groom Your Furby With a Damp Cloth

This will make your Furby clean! After that, brush its fur to get the tangles out.

Step 5: Make a Schedule

Making a schedule won't only keep you closer to your Furby, it will also keep track of the things you should do for your Furby's needs and companionship.

Step 6: Interact With the Furby BOOM App

Why, you ask? Well, you could get to interact more with your Furby and have much more fun that just petting, feeding and letting it sleep.

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    5 years ago

    Great instructable! Sadly I don't have my furby any more, so I can't try this ?. Oh, like your furby, by the way!

    1 reply