How to Store Your Sports Cards

Introduction: How to Store Your Sports Cards

Have you ever had a hard time storing all your sports cards? Or do you just want to get more space in your house because you spouse has all these sports cards? Well here is a instructable for you.

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Step 1: You Will Need

1. 3 Ring Binders (as many as you need)
2. Card Holders (as many as you need)
3. Sports Cards (well duh)

Step 2: Put the Holders in the Binder

If you got the right holders they should hold 9 cards on one side, 18 in total. Open the binder and put the holder through the 3 half-rings and close. Make sure the pockets are facing upward.

Step 3: Put the Cards in the Holder

Insert your cards into the plastic organizers. Put them in back to back so you can have them on both sides!

Step 4: Continue Filling

Continue filling until the book is full. Congratulations, that messy pile of cards is now nice and organized!

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