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So, you've some how acquired a 3doodler. It's a really neat devise for artist who want to try something new. I got my 3doodler in the mail, and automatically began using all my plastic to create for over an hour. I ran into a problem though. The 3doodler sometimes gets clogged. don't worry, it is pretty easy to fix.

Step 1: Try Inserting a New Stick.

get a new stick, and insert it in the top. Then feed it through. this should cause it to either push out the clogged, or stick to it. you should be able to remove the stick now by pushing both the buttons.

Step 2: Last Case

If that doesn't fix it, unplugged the 3doodler and wait until it is warm, not hot. Get a pair of pliers and unscrew the tip. you should be able to pull it out

Step 3: Be Careful!

The 3doosler is a fun toy, but also needs some care. donot leave plastic in it when you turn it off because this could damage the tubes.



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    3 years ago

    It Worked! Thank you so much. I just bought my doodler yesterday then it got clogged! and i was like one inch away from returning it and getting a new one but you saved mine! i was also worried because mine is a golden one with is the limited edition 2.0...


    4 years ago

    Is your flow also uneven cus ours is very

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Its all about the speed you go. It is very uneven, but if you can go a constant pace, that helps. If you just work with your pen and practice, ot should become easier. I had alot of problems when i first started using my 3doodler.