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About: My name is Hannah B, I'm 13, and I love to draw! You can see more of my drawings on my instagram! My username is @drawing.addict The end and stuff

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Step 1:

Draw this :P

Step 2:

Ad the bottom part. Make sure you have the tear duct thingy on the side. (Mine looks big and weird sorry)

Step 3:

Make a circle close to the top of the eye like this.

Step 4:

Darken the outside of the circle. Make two lines around the outside of the eye.

Step 5:

Eye lasshjhhesss

Step 6:

Shade the outside of the eye starting at the two lines you drew in step 5. Make sure it goes from dark to light.

Step 7:

Draw another circle for the shine. Make sure it overlaps from the iris to the pupil

Step 8:

Color the pupil. Shade the iris around where the light ball thing touches it. Draw lines from te pupil to the iris. Make them light. It looks weird when the lines are dark.

Step 9:

Step 10:

Just fix up the eyelashes if you want. YOUR DONE NOW YAAUU

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    5 years ago

    Wow! Good job. The only suggestion I would make is to make your highlight smaller. Leave some if the iris showing all the way around it. It will make your eye look more realistic. Seriously though... I like your eyeball. :)