Huevos Benedictos (Mexican Eggs Benedict)




Introduction: Huevos Benedictos (Mexican Eggs Benedict)

Try this beautiful and elegant central american version of Eggs Benedict. 

Served on half an English muffin fried on one side in chorizo oil, topped with the finely sliced and fried chorizo, sliced avocado a perfectly poached egg, salsa, a silky hollandaise sauce and finally garnished with paprika and chili flakes

This simple and straight forward recipe with will wow your friends because of how professional and impressive the final plate looks, and ultimately turn you in to a cooking pro.

Step 1: Hollandaise Sauce

To make a Hollandaise sauce you will need :
1 egg yolk
60 g butter

pinch of salt
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon vinegar white

place Large bowl over a simmering pan of water and turn off the heat.

Melt butter in a pan. Picture 2

whisk eggs in large bowl. Picture 3-4

The eggs yolks should start to thicken.

Step 2: Whisking the Hollandaise Sauce

once the egg yolks have thickened its time to add the the melted butter,  this should be done slowly and whilst constantly whisking. This is potentially one of the more easy points to mess up, for example if the eggs get too hot they will begin to cook and you will need to very quickly take them off the heat and somewhere cold.

once you have used all the of the butter you and have whisking the Hollandaise Sauce will start to form ribbons as you move the whisk through this indicates that you are done.

Add pinch of salt
add 1/2 teaspoon lemon
add 1/2 teaspoon vinegar 

Step 3: Poaching the Egg.

Add salt and a good gulp of white vinegar to the water.

once the water has just started simmering your ready to start, you will need to swirl the water around gently. now crack the egg in to a mug and pour with one fluid motion the egg into the the center of the vortex, as it slows down it will bring all the strands back to center and clump it all together.

Your egg is ready  to be taken out and served, once its started to rise, a little before and a little after that if you prefer your eggs under or overdone.   

Step 4: Preparing the Huevos Benedictos

1/2 English Muffin
2 inches of Chorizo
1/4 Avocado sliced
1 Egg poached
1 Tbsp Salsa

Paprika and chili flakes to garnish.

Fry the half of English muffin in chorizo oil. Picture 1

Place the Fried chorizo sliced on top. Picture 2

Place the Avocado sliced on next. Picture 3

Next place the Poached egg on top. Picture 4

Followed by a tablespoon of salsa. Picture 5

and a ladle full of Hollandaise sauce. Picture 6

Step 5:

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    6 years ago

    I never thought about the vortex idea for the poached egg...will definately give that a try!