IVAR Hack - Make a 2-sided Manga Shelf/divider




Introduction: IVAR Hack - Make a 2-sided Manga Shelf/divider

This instructable shows how to make a 2 sided manga shelving unit using IVAR shelves from Ikea and quarter-round. It also makes a room divider to section off areas (in my case, area for a bed and an area for working on crafts). These shelves accommodate near perfectly the 5x7.5" manga, or standard DVD boxes. (Thanks to https://www.instructables.com/member/bajablue/ for letting me know about the New Authors page!)

This is my first instructable; I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism or suggestions.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You will need:

-IVAR shelves:
3 side supports 30x124cm (@ $12 each in Canada)
6 short shelves 42x30cm (@ $10 each)
6 wide shelves 83x30cm (@ $12 each)
48 of the metal pegs (These should come with the shelves, if not, they will give you more at the service desk at IKEA for no charge)
--->These are nice, made of unfinished pine, so you can paint or stain them, or leave as is. Also, you can mix and match them into different arrangements, make them taller, add on to the side, etc. I used ones I already had
-quarter-round cut into 42cm (10x) and 83cm (10x) :. 12.5m (see if they will cut this at the hardware store for you! It's usually free when you buy the wood)
-finishing nails x40
-a 4" screw and a washer (interestingly, screws are sold in inches, not cm in Canada)
-a piece of card stock or bristol board (not pictured)

-a saw (unless, of course, the nice people at the hardware store cut your wood for you)
-a drill with the bit that matches your screw (mine is robertson #2) and a bit to drill a hole (9/64)
-a hammer

-a sh**ton of manga

If I were to re-do this project, I would opt for new pine quarter-round, to match the IVAR shelves. I used mdf quarter round that I bought for my kitchen, then refused to use since it marks if you so much as look at it. Also, I would paint the shelves afterwards for a more colourful set. Next time n.n

Step 2: Modify Your Shelves

Cut the piece of cardstock to the width of the shelf, 30cm, and fold for the centre.
Laying this along the outside edge, line up a pre-cut piece of quarter-round WITH THE CURVE FACING THE CARD and hammer 2 finishing nails near the ends to hold in place.
Set a second piece of quarter round with the curved side touching the other, and nail in place.
You should now have a shelf with the square edges of the quarter-round facing the outside edges, and a funny lip in the centre.
Repeat for 9 other shelves. The last short and long shelf should be un-altered, as these will be on top.

Alternatively, you can use on piece of wood 2cm by 5cm cut to length, then centered along the shelf.

Now, take one of your sides, and drill a hole roughly in the centre of the top bar.

Step 3: Set Up Your Shelves

Set your modified side piece against the wall where you would like your shelving to begin dividing the room. In my case, I had an area where the wall was almost exactly 30cm, making the shelf fit PERFECT. Drill your big long screw through your little hole into the wall.
This will provide stability to your shelf and keep it from leaning to the side/falling, unless you get particularly rambunctious with your shelf.
If you are still worried about stability, this support screw should go directly into a stud; use a stud-finder to locate one.
Now, take your pegs, and insert them into the top-most holes, then every 7th hole down (leaving 6 empty holes) so when you reach the last one, it fits directly at the support on the side-bottom and leaves about 10cm clearance underneath for airflow, ease of cleaning, and mold-prevention (This is especially important on carpet and in basements, where moisture can collect under the shelf and rot it)
Put the pegs into your other 2 shelf sides to match, and add shelves!

Step 4: Load Them Up

Now you can add manga/DVDs to the shelves. These 2 shelves can hold a lot- a wide shelf accommodates 48 books, a narrow 23, when they are standard size (192 pages). I found mine to hold between 46-50, and 22-24 respectively, with odd sized books varying the count occasionally. This set up gives you space for about 710 total.

Right now I have 629 English manga on the shelf, and 25 French or Japanese (these are printed in a smaller size, you could probably fit a lot more). I also have all my anime DVDs on the lowest shelf.

When I have some time, I want to finish the side facing outward by glueing or stapling cloth over the frame to hide my messy edges. Or I may just glue down some shoji paper. I will update with a picture when I finish!

To fit more, try using the taller sizes of IVAR, 179cm or 226cm if you have the clearance, or using just the 83cm wide shelves instead.

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