Indoor Floral or Fruity Wall




Introduction: Indoor Floral or Fruity Wall

I suggest you create a wall chart with recovery items

What you will need ?

  • Recovery pot (plastic bottle, tin can, glass pot etc...)
  • Fabric
  • Iron wire or rope
  • Soil with compost or other natural boost for plant
  • Fork
  • Washi tape
  • peint brush
  • Plant of your choice
  • Wood glue and Water
  • Pliers
  • Diaper (what ? yes, diaper...unused diaper)
  • All necessary to hanging pots on the wall

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Step 1: Planter's Embellishment

We'll cover fabric pots

  1. Measure the height and circumference dimensions of your container
  2. Cut the fabric according to your measurements
  3. Mix the glue with water (half / half)
  4. Glue the back of the fabric
  5. Cover the container with fabric
  6. Put glue a second time
  7. Let dry

Step 2: Creating Ties

  • If you have glass jars, create a clip with wire.

  1. Go around the pot with the wire,
  2. you kink the 2 ends at the base and along then you make a loop (see photo)

  • If you have iron or plastic boxes, create a tie with string.

  1. make 2 holes,
  2. pass an end of the rope in each hole
  3. tie a knot at each end to hold the rope

Step 3: Fork Hook

  1. Take a tweezers to tweak the fork's teeth : Use your imagination
  2. Take a big pliers to twist the body, you have to bend and after half
  3. To hang the fork you can:
  4. Put the screw between two teeth (like i do) or, drill a hole,
  5. Drill the wall and fix the forks

Step 4: Seed Plants

You will need:

  • Plants of your choice
  • brown cardboard
  • soil with compost
  • Diaper
  1. Prepare the media :
  • Retrieve the absorbent gel on the diaper
  • Mix with potting soil
  • Soak the plant in water at room temperature to break the clod
  1. Put brown cardboard at the bottom pot (it used to absorb some excess water and feed the plant)
  2. Cover with soil layer put the plant and fill with potting soil
  3. According to the plant and the pot, there may be no soil to add, in this case just put the gel

The gel layer serves to absorb and retain water : this will prevent you from drowning the plant and in addition you will have less need to water

Step 5: Decorate

  1. Hang the pot on the wall
  2. Put washi tape around the pot on the wall to do like a tableau

Et voilà ! You make it ! Enjoy !

You can use :

  • Strawberry for a fruity wall
  • Flowers for a colored wall
  • Seasonings for a perfumed wall

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    4 years ago

    I LOVE the fork hangers!! This is so creative!! Can't wait to see what you make next!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you !!!

    Il love to mix several ideas i find on the web to do something personnal !

    I'll do my best fo the next instuctables ;-)