Ink Shooter (Make Out of a Single Pen ,Under 0.25 USD !!!!! )

Hey everyone!

After surfing the internet ,I found that there is a demand of shooters everywhere !!! People are just crazy about them !!!!!

So in this particular instructable , i'm gonna show you guys how to make a shooter that shoots ink refill out of just a pen !!!

Let's get started ............


1. A Pen (that can be disassembled)

2.Rubber Band (medium size)

3. Scotch Tape

That's All !!!!

Step 1: Disassemble the Pen

So the first step is all about disassembling the pen .

The picture above shows the pen before and after disassembling .

Disassemble in a way so that it's cap,refill and other parts are seperated .

Step 2: Bind the Body of the Pen With It's Cap

Use scotch tape to do this step .

The picture above shows how it looks after binding together.

1. Take the cap of the pen with it's body.

2. Take scotch tape and bind it in such a way that the notch of the cap is still in use .

Step 3: Add Rubber Band to the Notch

Take the rubber band and fit it in the notch.

The rubber band will act as a rope of catapult and the rest of the body will act as the stick of catapult .

Step 4: Final Step and It's Done !!!!

Here's a video demonstrating how to fill the refill in the body so that its capable to shoot !!



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    3 years ago

    incredible have you tried it with a built in shield