InstaMorph Lighter Grip

Introduction: InstaMorph Lighter Grip

Custom molded lighter grip and carrying loop.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Get together the following:
-InstaMorph (plus kettle, water, bowl, etc.)
-Lighter (preferably empty)
-Drill & bits (optional)
-Awl or other metal bar
-Knife (optional)

Step 2: Prepare InstaMorph

Follow the instructions on the InstaMorph package and then knead flat. I used enough to have a flat rectangle as tall as the lighter is and long enough to wrap around the lighter 1.5-2x.

Step 3: Mold Around Lighter

Reheat the flat sheet of InstaMorph and mold around lighter. Squeeze the InstaMorph into your hand so it feels comfortable. Work the seams so they join together. This may take more than one round of heating. Don't put the lighter in the boiled water.

On the final round of heating make sure not to remove the lighter before the InstaMorph cools. It will shrink a little and otherwise it won't fit a lighter anymore

Make sure there is enough InstaMorph at the bottom to be able to make a keyring hole.

Step 4: Make Hole for Clipping to Your Keyring

Drill hole in through bottom and through the edge of the base. Be careful, as the quickly spinning drill bit will cause enough friction to melt the InstaMorph and become a gooey mess all over your drill bit.

I drilled the hole through the bottom to eliminate any pressure/vacuum issues when switching for a new full lighter.

Alternate Method
- reheat bottom of lighter case and punch through with awl

Step 5: Finishing

As a last step, I resoftened parts of the case and smoothed them out.

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    5 years ago

    Looks good!