Introduction to CloudX IDE V4.0

Introduction: Introduction to CloudX IDE V4.0

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This is the first version of CloudX Standalone IDE v4.0 that allows users to get all their project done in one environment, unlike the previous version that users still needs to install other third party software like the MPLABX IDE etc. With this new standalone software, users can write codes, compile it and upload it into the microcontroller. it also have the capacity to show users their compiling errors for easy debugging. it generates files like COF, HEX and MASM etc.

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Step 1: Run and Install the Setup Application

Step 2: On First Time of Launching the CloudX Software, It Will Automatically Request User to Install the XC8 Compiler.

Step 3: Accept License Agreement and Then Click Next

Step 4: License Type Select “Free” and Click Next

Step 5: Installation Directory Select “C:\Users\Public\CloudX\Compiler” and Click Next…

Step 6: Compiler Settings, Just Click Next

Step 7: Installing Software…

Step 8: Installation Complete, Click Next

Step 9: Click Finish

Step 10: We Now Have the Complete CloudX IDE Fully Set Up

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