Jungle Tree House




Introduction: Jungle Tree House

Hello, today i will show how to build a jungle tree house.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Spruce wood planks

Oak stairs


Step 2: Finding a Tree

To find the best tree look for a tall tree, as they will have the best views

Step 3: Build the Tree House

With the wooden planks build 5 x 2 along each side of the tree, see the photo above.

Step 4: Building the Floor

Build around the edges of the wooden planks, to form a circle, see the photo above

Step 5: Finishing the Floor

To finish the floor, fill in the gaps with wooden planks, see the photo above.

Step 6: Building the Walls

With the glass, build up the walls by 3 blocks, see photo above

Step 7: Building the Roof

To build the roof copy the photo above.

Step 8: Adding the Ladders

Clear a side of the tree from leaves and vines, place ladders on the cleared side, break a space for the ladders in the floor.

Step 9: Building the Sitting Area

On top of the tree break some leaves to form a circle, place the wooden planks on down to make the floor. place some stairs opposite each other in the circle, put trapdors on each side of the stairs. place fences each side of the stairs, and put torches on them. Break a hole and put ladders leading down to the inside of the tree house

Step 10: Decorating the Inside (optional)

To decorate the inside see the photos above.



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    That's really cool idea. I didn't think of putting trap doors at the side of the sofas!!!!! :)

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