Keepsake Quilted Patchwork Play Mat / Blanket.



Introduction: Keepsake Quilted Patchwork Play Mat / Blanket.

About: I love being creative and enjoy finding a number of different ways to bring my ideas to life.I spend most days devoting my attentions to my husband and two children. It leaves me little free time to do much ...

I was looking for padded play mats for babies (we hadn't been able to afford underlay on our carpets so the floor was very hard, not the best when your baby wants to roll around) rather than pay the silly money that the shops ask for play mats I decided to make one, What started as a simple solution to a problem soon grew into  an idea for something that he could treasure forever, 
I like traditional Ideas and thought that rather than being just from me I wanted all his family to be a part of it, then in years to come I can tell him who made what, :)
My little boy is three now what started as a play mat became his cot quilt when he was walking around, it still has pride of place at the end of his big boy bed and comes out for snuggle time on the settee when he is all snotty and poorly, 

Most of the squares were just simple shapes cut from fabric and over sewed, This was one of the first big things I  made and my range of skills was limited, I started with simple squares such as the one with just shapes on and the planets one, and worked up to a bit more intricate ones,
Thanks also to Nana (mushroom and flower, the flower was made from fabric left over from gmjhowe's waist coat when he got married, and the mushroom is left overs from my wedding dress that Rainbow_Han made for my wedding day,) Auntie Sam (whale and panda) Grandma (giraffe) 
The backing is Peter Rabbit fabric.

Because it is some time since I / we made it there is not much I can show in terms of its construction and the camera at the time was not fantastic. but hopefully you can get the gist and it was more the idea I wanted to share, 

I am however in the process of making one for my daughter and I am hoping to get it finished for winter, I have asked more people this time so might end up a bit bigger  :)

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