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so, you have all these loyalty cards, and no way to carry them without a wallet or purse?

I take my keys all the time, leaving my wallet in the car when I go out. getting tired of wasted points, I decided to change it, and show you as well.

Step 1: What You Need

what you need is:

a cutting utensil, like a stanley knife or scissors if they are sharp.

your reward card

and a permanent marker, to mark out where to cut.

ok, lets get started!!

Step 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

line it all out.

your barcode is all you need, and so is a hole for your keyring. I didn't use a ruler but your welcome to!

Step 3: Cut That Out!! Part 1

cut MOST of the excess out, making sure the basic shape is ok.

Step 4: Cut That Out!! Step 2

wow, look at that! it's taking shape!!

now, cut it out, rounding the corners. if you like, you can file them smooth.

Step 5: "hole" Lot of Work

not really that pretty, bit I didn't have a drill bit.

cut a hole, really basic but it won't hang on air

Step 6: And It's the Finish!!

now it's finished!

and it looks great next to my other tags. try it yourself, and have fun!!



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