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Introduction: Kid Made Crossbow

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In the world of adventure, kids dream about being cool adventurers and superheros. A lot times kids dream that they have cool weapons such as a crossbow and a secret knife. In this instructable you will be making a pencil crossbow which actually shoots! With this weapon you can make your dream into reality!

I also made some attachments on the protect, a wrist holder.

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Step 1: Materials, Materials,Materials

Step 2: The Frame

To start, put two pencils together and bound them to each other with a rubber band. Wrap the rubber band three or four times around the pencils. Do it on the other side too. Once that is done do it again to the other two pencils left. When both pencils are bounded, take them and arrange them in to a cross.

Step 3: Putting the Frame Together

After the frame is done you have to connect it together. To do that you have to take the frame apart and put another rubber band on one of the pencil sticks. Then take the pencil stick with three rubber bands on it and put it under the other pencil stick with two bands on it. Then take the third rubber band and reach over the top of the pencil so that it secures the other pencil stick in place. This is kinda confusing but you will get it. Just look at the video below.

Step 4: Attaching the Straw

When the frame is done we can now move on to attaching the straw. Cut the straw about 4 1/2 in long. To connect the straw take two rubber bands and strap the straw lightly around the edges. Make sure that you strap the band around the pencil sticks too.

Step 5: Finishing the Crossbow

Now to finally add the two last touches. The bow is a rubber band put on both ends on the cross. To help you pull back on the string put on the binder clip so that the silver part is the handle that you grab so you can pull back on the strings. And last but not least, the arrows. Take the Popsicle sticks and cut them in half so that they can fit inside the straw and Voila. This crossbow can be used with all sorts of adventures and is a great accessories on costumes. If you want to make the attachment on it go to the next step. If not then your done! Please vote for this on the kid made contest!

Step 6: (Extra) Wrist Holder

To make the wrist holder take the card board and cut a long rectangle to your right height and with. When done close up the ends and attach the wrist holder to the crossbow and try in on to see if it fits. And that is the extra part of the crossbow. Please Vote for this instructable!

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