Kids Game: the Very Hungry Caterpillar




About: Hello, my name is Auroris. Every day we have the opportunity to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work.

I was inspired to create this felt game by the 50th anniversary of "The very hungry caterpillar", a children's picture book designed, illustrated, and written by Eric Carle. It's a preschool game of counting, colors and also promote healthy eating :)

I hope you will find this tutorial easy to do by yourself. Have fun playing and learning together!


  • Felt sheets
  • Embroidery threads
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Polyester Filling
  • Velcro Tape 1cm
  • Ribbon 50cm/20"
  • Templates

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Step 1: Print the Templates on A4 Paper and Cut Out the Shapes

Step 2: Orange

  • Trace the shape of orange onto felt, 2 pieces. Cut them out.
  • First, stitch up to pieces together with a Blanket Stitch on the outside.
  • Stuff it with a little polyester filling to give volume.
  • Sew the inner side with the same blanket stitch.

You can look up the HAND SEWING CLASS, and find "Sewing the Blanket Stitch" lesson

Step 3: Apple

It's almost the same method:

Cut 2 apple shapes from red felt, a green leaf and a brown tail. Insert the leaf and tail between layers and sew around with a simple stitch. Stuff and sew the inner side.

Step 4: Lemon

Mirror the template when you are tracing the fruit shape (if it is not symmetrical). Place the sides with pencil marks face to face, and you will obtain a more clean result.

Step 5: Beet

Don't forget to insert the leaves between layers before starting to sew.

Step 6: Carrot

I sew with a simple stitch or blanket stitch, it's just to make a little of variations. You can choose how do you like.

Step 7: Bell Pepper

Step 8: Eggplant

Step 9: Pear

Step 10: Tomato

Step 11: Plum

Step 12: Strawberry

Step 13: Caterpillar

Cut 3 or 4 shapes (use caterpillar template). Insert the ribbon between layers to make a long tail and pin it. Sew all layers together using a blanket stitch.

Step 14: Butterfly

    • From colored felt cut out all butterfly's detail
    • First, decorate the top part (the pink butterfly)
    • Make a slit in the bottom part (1cm/0.5" - is the width of my ribbon)
    • Insert the ribbon and fasten to the top layer
    • Sew two layers together in the middle
    • Decorate the edges individually with a blanket stitch

    Step 15: Toy Bag

    • Take grey felt sheet with sizes: 30x40cm / 12"x14"
    • Fold in half and sew the left and right sides together
    • Decorate the top edges individually with the same stitch.
    • Sew the velcro tape to the pouch

    That way, you can keep your toy organized and handy to carry with you.

    But let's look at other felt organizers: Felt pencil case with flowers , Felt zipper pouch

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      15 Discussions


      Tip 10 days ago

      Hi there I am golden so you know how to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar I don't know how


      18 days ago

      This looks very appealing for children, but I confess I do not see what the game is. Perhaps it is in the book you mention?
      Of course I can see that some older children could enjoy making the parts and I expect that tasks could be set such as thread him through one of each or all the same etc. I imagine that some fun could be had just threading the caterpillar but I would have liked you to have given a few examples of games or activities that use the components and have proven popular.

      1 reply

      Reply 17 days ago

      Hi, it's a very good question.
      I made this game for my friend. Her kids are 2 and 5 years old. They are not familiar with Eric Carle's book and the story about the caterpillar. And I can tell you how I explained this game to her.

      Choose different task and topics:
      • The small kids start to train and develop the motor skills, passing the caterpillar through fruits.
      • To study the colors by sorting different fruits and vegetables.
      • Count to 5: you have to find 1,2,3,4 and 5 identical shapes.
      • Study the butterfly development cycle: from caterpillar to butterfly, and you can mention that healthy food helps you to grow big and beautiful.
      • Get more familiar with the names of the days of the week: on Monday the caterpillar eats this... on Tuesday, that...
      • Attention: you put a few items on the table, the kid has 30 seconds to memorize them. Cover with a towel and pick up one item. Now, the kid has to find which one is missing. This is my favorite family game! Add different small items that you find in your home and test yourself.
      I didn't know that my imagination is that good, but there are far more creative applications, I'm sure)))

      18 days ago

      I love this so much! Thank you. Well done!


      23 days ago

      Can't vote enough for that. I read this story so many times for my kids.


      25 days ago

      This looks good


      27 days ago

      I love this!! This is the cutest thing ever, thank you for sharing it, wish my kids were younger, but still just might make it for myself, hehehe!


      Reply 27 days ago

      Thank you for remark, I updated the stencil ;)


      4 weeks ago

      What, no cake? :( (Just kidding, keep up the great work!)

      Treasure Tabby

      4 weeks ago

      One of my favorite books in kindergarten back in the day. *hearts and rosy cheeked face*
      Great Job! Definitely sharing later this week. *thumbs up*

      1 reply