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Introduction: Colourful Snail Puzzle

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Hey guys,

Soo.. this is another project I just made and I want to share the all steps with you. You will need felt, glue, and handmade pattern for this easy DIY Colorful Snail Puzzle. It's a cute game that helps to learn to count, remember the sequence, and think logically. The theme of this felt puzzles can be very different and interesting. Choose any shape (for example, animals or basic forms) and follow the same method to create something with your hands.

Let's start!


  • Felt
  • Cardboard
  • Template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Toothpicks

Step 1: How to Create a Template Without a Printer

Open the image on your computer. Take a piece of masking tape and fix your paper on top of the screen. Use a pencil to trace the image and your Template is ready!

Step 2: Cut-out the Details: 2 of Each Colour

Step 3: Cardboard Insert

Mark all shapes on the cardboard using the same template. But we need to cut the shapes a little smaller (2 mm less) because they will be used as liner stuff to make our puzzles, and the felt should hide the cardboard edge.

Step 4: "Sandwich"

Glue the felt to the cardboard (not close to the edges). Then, using a toothpick, carefully apply hot glue on the cardboard edge, and stick all-around. Work on every small detail to get the best result possible ;)

Step 5: Felt Numbers

If you have die-cut felt numbers- you are the luckiest one. I did my best to cut them by hand))) This puzzle is not so easy to assemble, so the numbers will be very useful for kids. Besides, you can flip it and play without prompts.

As a final step, add to your snail cute antennae and eyes.

I truly hope you will appreciate and enjoy this project. And you definitely have to try it!

3 Ideas for what to do with leftover colored felt: Caterpillar Toy - Colors Early Education, Soft Puzzle Set, Kids Game: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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    Reply 11 months ago

    Thanks ;)

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    11 months ago

    That's very cute and colorful, my favorite things :)


    12 months ago

    How cute! And very smart to sandwich some cardboard in there :)


    Reply 12 months ago

    Thank you ;)