K'nex Incense Holder

Introduction: K'nex Incense Holder

Say, do you like to burn incense, but don't have a holder for some reason and get messy ash all over your pants and look ridiculous? Well have I got something for you!

I made this K'nex incense holder over the summer and I thought it was pretty clever, so... Instructables, right?

You're going to need:

Incense (I don't care what kind you get! Your favorite style!)
Printer paper + Scissors (Or, if you're feeling manly, you could just rip it with your bare hands)

4 Green Rods
7 White Rods
4 Blue Rods
1 Red Rod
4 Grey Rods

2 single Grey connectors
1 45-degree Grey connector
2 90-degree red connectors
8 135-degree green connectors
3 3d purple connectors
1 3d blue connector

Some of your K'nex pieces might get a little ash on them, but it's ok if you're not a clean freak or something. Lets go!

Step 1: Building the Base

Make two of these guys, as shown here.

Leave the blue rod out of one of them. Don't forget, sillies!

Step 2: The Stand

Build these two bits. Easy enough, right?

You can even attach them both together, if you're feeling risky.

Step 3: The... Arm?

Build this part here, and attach it to the part from the previous step.

Make sure the red rod clicks into the red connector and that the blue rod goes through the red connector and attaches to the grey! This is the only 'tricky' (and I use that term lightly) part.

Step 4: All Together Now

Connect your two base parts with white rods.

Then attach the big holder part right in between those two green connectors up top. Make those white rods attach too, man!

Step 5:

Cut out some pieces of paper so that the ash doesn't just fall through onto the table, because that would completely ruin the whole point of this.

Just some pieces that fit, I haven't measured but they're probably like 8 1/2" x 3" or something like that. It doesn't need to be perfect.

Slide the paper in between your two base sections and press it down so it doesn't move all around and stuff.

Slide your incense down the two grey connectors on the red rod, and let it sit against the purple connectors...

And enjoy!

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