Knex Through 1/4" Wood





Introduction: Knex Through 1/4" Wood

So, oodalumps made this thing he calls 'Not a Rectangle'. I call mine 'The Untangle'. What ooda did was at a little piece at the front to stop the pin from going to far. Now you can put as many bands on as you want without fear that your gun will explode. Ooda put 8. I put 10. I shot a red rod at a piece of 1/4" pine. The rod won. Everyone go build it. Don't aim it at drywall or loved ones. Don't shoot oodammo at hard targets. Have fun.

Red rod through 1/4" wood.

A side note: This is not quality wood. It is cheap pine. I didn't really want to waste a good piece of wood, but, given my curiosity, I might just try shooting oak or something similar. Only damage to the gun that resulted from this was the very front piece popped off of the green rod it was supposed to be attached to. The gun was still operable and it only took twenty seconds to fix.



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    Wrong. That looks like a TR with no turret. This uses the same body A) because it is a relatively sturdy and simple design and B) because it is what ooda already had built. Ooda build this in a day or two. It has a different front that disperses the impact of the pin. Try putting 10 bands on your TR and tell me what happens.
    If it broke, it did not work. Go follow the link I posted and actually look at it. You will notice multiple differences.

    i know, i built it. but it would have still worked had it not had a turret on, i hoped you would've figured that out for yourself.

    Take off the turret and try again on a standard TR. The force of 10 #64's will break the body of your TR. In this gun, the force is dispersed towards the front of the gun, so that the body doesn't get damaged.

    No it isn't. You see, I was there, and I took that picture, and I can tell you that it is not behind the wood. Well, not "behind" as you mean it. It is technically behind half of the wood, and in front of the other half. This would be because it went through the wood.

    And again, I implore you, watch the video. It has a better angle than the one I took the picture with.

    Here, I'll link you directly in case you didn't catch that orange text signifies a link.

    Do you know how to watch a video? Also, 'throw' has an entirely different pronunciation and meaning than 'through'.

    Let's say this picture is fake. What would the point be in faking it? It's not even his own gun. 

    because that would show he has an object of mass power, and he is showing how awsome it is, and he is, because he has it. I deleted the comment, and I watched the video after making the comment.

    You're funny. If I were to show that I had an object of anything approaching 'mass power', I'd link to this. You see, I'm from America. And in America, we don't have an oppressive government (yet) that disallows us the right to keep and bear arms.