Knex Gun (basic Slide Gun) + Ideas



Hey. well for the gun it goes about 7 to 23 ft. Its a simple and basic gun plz make a cool gun out of this and post is.For ideas well I not make a hammer our slide gun and a handle bolet clip?
Plz if u have a question of some sort ask me.Even if its to know how to make a sertan triger or anithing ask me ANITHING.

Step 1: Ram Easy Part

Just a normall ram u can tap it.

Step 2: The Suporter Ram.(easyest)

It suports the ram and the sliding this lol.

Step 3: The Barel.

Its not that hard to make and u need to push the triger up when in use.

Step 4: The Sliding Thing Lol.

u need it to push backwords the ram kinda cool. 9 yellows if ur wondering.

Step 5: Crapy Handle.

PLz make a knew hadle this is a basic 1 thats y its so waky lol. And also for all the gun see the intro put elastic 1 fot the triger that always go downd and some at the ram u can also put gray and not a black piece fot the suporter and a orange at the ram. hope u love it.



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    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5

    ill tell you in text get two yellow rods and a lot of single clip connectors and connect them together in a pattern and then attach to the gun underneath the block trigger if u still need help i will do a pic

    What, are you calling me a N00B? wow, thats a big deal to me coming from the guy who had to copy Lego guns just to get known here. have you seen any of my guns?!!?!!?!!?

    Dude(ette), your the only noob here, Dsman is a FAR greater builder than you are(or ever will be, for that matter) and I'm just a little too smart to be a noob, Which is why I never post any of my guns like this. Noob...